About the owner

Annette started dog grooming in 1964. After years of grooming in various parlours she finally got the chance to open her own in 1996. A dream come true. Years of experience working for other people made her determined to create a better atmosphere for both animals and staff.

She started with one girl to shampoo and blow dry while she got on with the more technical side of the procedure. Now, she has four members of staff who are all fully trained to a very high standard. Business is so good, there’s a 6 week waiting list and she is looking to recruit more people. It is difficult to find the right kind of person for this job as it is much more complex than most think. It takes a ‘special breed of person’, and they are very rare. Job satisfaction is more important than financial gain.

We take our time with all our dogs, patience is an essential quality of a Canine Beautician. There are no short cuts to making a dog look and feel beautiful and not stressed. Dogs enjoy coming to The Dog House because we care, they become a part of our family. From first visit as a puppy to old age pensioners every dog is given special treatment.

Owners know they can trust us to take care of their pet because we understand how special they are.

We also have a very good relationship with the Veterinary practice within the same building.

Regular grooming is important to your pets’ well-being and smart appearance. A well groomed pet is a happy pet. They all enjoy being handled and fussed over. If a dog only comes once or twice a year, or the owner doesn’t groom them at home he is bound to find the whole experience frightening. He will always associate the parlour with the pain of having tats pulled out.

As soon as a puppy has had all its vaccinations it’s time to get him used to being groomed. The first visit may only be for a bath, blow dry and tidy up but this will get him used to being away from his owner and he will learn there is nothing to be frightened of in the grooming process.