Having your dog groomed and styled professionally is becoming more popular. When I started training as a Canine Beautician in 1964, most of the customers were Poodles, with a few other pedigree breeds. Now, I’m pleased to say, people are realising whether Pedigree or cross breed, for show or a pet their dog is a ‘special breed’ and deserves to be treated as such. All dogs like to feel good. They enjoy being handled and fussed over and they know at the end of their session here their owners will be pleased with them smelling nice and looking smart. Ladies, think how much better you feel after a visit to your hair salon and if you’ve had a massage and your nails done too you’ll feel like a million dollars. Believe me dogs feel the same. Each dog old or young is made to feel welcome, safe and well cared for here. The same beautician will handle the same dog each visit to build trust and good relationship.

We understand.

The policy here is to take time with each dog, they are never rushed in anyway that may scare them. Some owners think it should only take an hour but rushing a dog to please them would only cause the dog to feel stressed. It takes time and patience to turn out a well groomed stress free dog and customers are not charged for the waiting time, only the actual time spent working on their pet.

Regular grooming is very important. You wouldn’t dream of never combing or washing your hair for 6 months.

Part of training your puppy is to learn to be groomed. It is not natural for them to stand still for long but patience and perseverance will pay off if grooming is made a part of their daily routine. You are taking the place of its mother. When they’ve had all their vaccinations it’s time to visit a parlour. This first visit may only be for a bath, blow dry and tidy up but this will get him used to being away from his owner and he will learn there is nothing to be frightened of in the grooming process. Between each part of this session he will be allowed to rest and adjust himself to the strange noises and other dogs around him.